Frequently Asked Questions

Help us explain what we are doing by asking us questions! Ask via email or on Twitter or Twetch. We want you to understand our mission. We want you to understand PeGD.


What are PeGD and TEE tokens usable for?

For now, our tokens are not being given any official use case and are simply meant to be available for others to do whatever they want with them. We might send out some of  our tokens as rewards for supporting this business and what you decide to do with them afterwards is completely up to you 😉 We do appreciate you checking out what we have available and look forward to offering some next level merch!


what makes your services better than any other print on demand service that i have found online?

First off, we are using printing equipment that is a much higher quality than 99% of the online print on demand services. We are not going to sacrifice quality to save a couple bucks. You shouldn’t either. We take advantage of being the manufacturer and offer various use cases for pegging physical items to their digital counterparts (NFTs for example).



When we say we are ‘pegging’ an item, we are essentially creating a physical item such as a collectible trading card and creating a single NFT as its counterpart that is bridging the physical and digital worlds using some kind of technology such as a QR code or an NFC chip that acts as the verification of authenticity in a fun and creative way. 

Providing a digital proof of authenticity is just one of very many use cases that we are able to provide. Contact us for more information.


Where does PeGD have their merchandise manufactured?

We produce all of the merchandise we currently offer from our screen-printing shop located in Ft. Myers, Florida. We are the wholesaler. We are also the retailer. We can do cutom bulk orders for you or your business. Just contact us…we can produce whatever you need.


Will pegd do custom prints for me or my business?

Absolutely! If you have a brand that you want to protect, we can work with you to create product lines that are provably authentic and not fake knock offs! We specialize in doing bulk jobs and can tailor the technologies we use for multiple purposes. Don’t hesitate to ask…we can take whatever you want to the next level in a variety of ways. We will help you build your brand and make it a profitable endeavor. We only advertise a fraction of what we can truly offer.  


how long does shipping take once my order has been placed?

This depends on a few factors. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery of certain items shipped within the US. We will probably send your order faster than that, but we are just starting to take orders and each order is a unique item with a unique NFT counterpart. If you ever want to know the status of your order, contact us 🙂