About Us

We are tying physical assets to digital assets in a unique way. We want to have verification of authenticity 'built in' to all of our products.

We have seen a lot of people advertising their products as being 'pegged' physical to digital, or digital to physical. To us, it is not enough to simply sell an NFT and make that NFT redeemable for a physical item & call that 'pegged'. Where is the link? If there is no link 'pegging' that physical item to a digital asset, then you are not 'pegging' anything to anything. You might as well be selling digital art NFTs and having some physical thing be a bonus or 'lagniappe' (New Orleans term...look it up.) We are actually taking things to that next level & to any of the people who got our BrightSV Tee shirts, they should understand what we are starting to do.

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