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$PeGT token is available on Tokenswap and it being used as a reward token for people that interact with our social media accounts and to reward people for sharing our mission with others. If you are interested in buying, trading or earning $PeGT token, set up a wallet that uses the SensibleSV Protocol for tokens/NFTs! Also, be sure to check out the ShowAPP suite which has several apps in it...NFT minting/selling, social media, photo galleries, chat rooms, etc. The logos surrounding this text are links for these wallets and platforms below! And check out our NFT listing on NFTonShow ;) - the right way to do NFTs!

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These are just a few things we have to offer. This site is constantly going to be under construction as we are constantly working with new content creators to create a larger inventory or physical products that have some form of authentication system 'built in', such as QR codes (and other technologies that we are not finished working with at this current point in time ;) )
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